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Aproda CRM. Helps your business grow.

With our App Aproda CRM you will receive several funticionality which supports your users in the daily business. 

  • Additonal name and phone number
  • multi-line adressfield 
  • Direct Access to customer and vendor statistics 
  • Contact info sheet
  • Fact boxes (Contact segments, Relationship Management Comment Sheet) 
  • Company Hierarchy 
  • segment card extension 

Aproda CRM setup

  • Open via global search "Aproda XRM Setup"
  • With the flag "Follow-up default" you can set whether the flag is set by default or not

In the tab "Interaction Templates" a template must be defined for all activities.

In the field "Number of HTML Interactions" you can specify how many activities should be displayed at once in the subpage "Activity log"


Setup  Alpha XRM

Powerful contact card

Follow-up task: Easily enter the a date for the follow-up on the contact card in order to schedule a follow-up action after a customer call.

Journal with activities: Gain control over our activities and see all tasks, appointments or opportunities directly on the contact card.

tasks: Shows you all activities regarding the contact, which are not closed or canceled. You can also add new tasks or work on existing tasks. 

appointment: All appointments, which belong to the current contact, are listed in the category appointment. You can create new appointments or modify existing appointments. 

opportunity: You can easily manage all opportunities belonging to the contact directly on the contact card. 

Powerful contact card

Additional fields on contact card

With this functionality users have the possibility to enter a second name and a second phone number for a contact instead of just one field for name and phone number.

Alpha CRM
Multiline Adressfield

Adress field as multiline

With Alpha CRM the contact adress is as multiline available.

How to use? 

1. Use the three dots behind the "name" field to open the page with the name details 

2. In the name details contact adress is shown as multiline

fact boxes for comments and segementation

Use the fact boxes to enter notes direct on the contact and the notes will be displayed on the contact card. 

Note: The fact boxes need to be activated via the "i"

Navigieren Bilder

Customer and Vendor Statistics

The customer and vendor statistics can be accessed directly from the contact card and contact list. Both statistics can be selected via the "Navigate" tab in the history subgroup. The access to the statistics from the contact list works the same way.

customer vendor statistic

Contact Info Sheet

The contact info sheet gives you a quick overview of all important data of a contact. 

1.  Display all tabs via "more options" 

2. Open the "Report" tab

3. With the "Contact Info Sheet" button, you can open the page for filling in the desired data 

4. The desired fields and filters can be filled in

Contact Info sheet

Company hierarchy

If you want to show the hierarchy of a company you can create a hierarchy between different contacts with Aproda CRM. Several sub-companies can be attached to a main company. 


hierarchy company

Log entries

On the interaction log entry list the activivities are recorded and can be displayed on the interaction log entry text fact box. Activities, opportunities, tasks or appointments can be created directly on the interaction log entry. 

log entry list