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Aproda KMU. Helps your business grow.

With our App Aproda KMU you will receive several funticionality which supports your users in the daily business. 

  • pop-up for accounts receivable and  accounts payable
  • update posting / document date
  • booking preselection within user setup
  • create purchase order from sales order
  • unit price incl. VAT on item card 
  • direct order from assembly
  • consumption information for items
  • history data for customers, vendors and items
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Aproda KMU setup

  • Open "Supported Setup" 
  • Choose initialize "Aproda KMU Setup" and follow the wizzard to get the step by step instructions
  • After the setup is succesfully processed the status changes to completed 
Alpha  KMU Setup

pop-up for accounts receivable and accounts payable

With this feature users will see after every entry a pop-up concerning to the accounts receivable and accounts payable. As long as the pop-up field is not closed the user proceed the entry. 


On the "sales & receivables" setup-page the following settings can be done. Choose the "customer comment" for all the receipts on which the "customer comment" should be displayed. 

It can be choosen for: 

  • sales invoices
  • sales orders 
  • sales offers 
  • blanket order

update posting / document date

This funcitionality is available for Sales and for Purchase and allows you to update the posting dates.


Within the customer & sales setup you can choose on the "date change" wheter the date should be adjusted before posting. If you choose to adjust the posting date you can define whether it should be automatically or manually be adjusted. 

  • Therfore you choose "automatically" or "manually" 
  • Furthermore this adjustments are available for the posting date, the document date or for both. 
Alpha Belegdatum update

booking preselection within user setup

This functionality allows you to define how the user is proceeding his posts. You can choose between: 

  • post entry -> supply 
  • post entry - > invoicing 
  • post entry --> supply & invoicing
  • You can to the setup within the user setup
  • Open the user setup 
  • choose the user you want to adjust 
  • Change the bookingpreselection into supply, invoicing or supply & invoicing or leave it blank if you dont want to make a preselection

create purchase order from sales order


  • You need to go to Customer & Sales > Fasttab > create a Purchase Order 
  • A vendor must be stored on the idem card 
EK Bestellung

Create a purchase order

  • Create a new sales order 
  • Click create purchase order 
  • An editing window opens, listening all sales lines
  • Check the sales items in the column "apply in purchase order" which should be transferred to the purchase order 
  • Clicking on OK you will create an order. A confirmation window opens listening the new order number
  • The created purchase orders can be viewed in the purchase order list

Reserve items


  • reservation > select YES


  • When you create a purchase order, the item is reserved for the sales order 
  • For purchase order and sales order the reserved quantity column is filled in 

Subsequent changes


  • Linking Purchase order and sales order > YES


  • Create sales order > create a  purchase order
  • Make changes to the sales order
  • A window opens indicating that the sales order refers to a purchase order. confirm that the changes are to be made on the purchase order
  • The same message appears for changes in a purchase order that was created from a sales order 

unit price incl. VAT on item card

With this functionality the user can look up the unit price inclusive the VAT on the item card. Be aware that for this functionality the unit price must be defined on the item card. 


  • Within the customer and sales setup in the area "General" you must define the item VAT business posting group.

After entering the unit price, the sales price inclusive the VAT is automatically filled. The sales price inclusive the VAT is displayed at both card and list level.

Verkaufspreis mit MWST

direct order from assembly

This functionality is available after the Aproda KMU setup is finished. You will see the functionality when you record the assembly order. Please choose "Create purchase order" to open a direct order from assembly.

Reserve items


Go to "customer & sales setup" > Fasttab Aproda KMU > Create Purchase Order > Reserve = YES

When you create a purchase order, the item will be reserved for the assembly order. For purchase order and assembly order the reserved quantity column is filled in.

Direktbestellung von Montage

consumption information for items

You will receive statistics to the item quantities that have already been invoiced. Quanitities that hav only been delivered are not included.

Intheitemlist,theitemcard,andthe planned order the statistics display thesalesquantityandsalesoftheitemforthepastthreefiscal years.

Umsatzstatistik artikel

history data for customers, vendors and items

Within this funcitionality the transaction data can be transferred from the old system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The import takes place via RapidStart.


  • The data history can be accessed from both the map and the list:
  • Navigate > History > Data History
Historydaten für Debitor, Kreditor, Artikel
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