Aproda Equipment and Tools Solution.

Helps you to manage and calculate item specifications.

  • Create Workflow for different kind of Sales Processes
  • Jump to the next Workflow Step with a push of the button
  •  Automate your Order Backlog allocation
  • Have different Item types with subsequent Pages (machine type, supplementary item type, machine, supplementary item, components)
  • Create Service orders within the Sales Module
  • Create & Manage Rental Machines
  • Link Supplementary Item Types and Components to Machine Types
  • Register Labor for Service on Sales Orders

Assisted Setup

1. Starting the Assisted Setup

The assisted setup guides through the steps to setup ASMS. The assisted can be found by using the lookup function of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by looking for assisted setup.

1. Step: Search --> Assisted Setup

2. Step: Select the assisted setup of ASMS

Assisted Setup

Content of the assisted setup

The setup wizard helps the user to setup different tables in Business Central. These tables are required to us the full functionality of ASMS. The wizard contains out of 4 pages with the content shown in the following table: 

Page 1: General Information 

Page 2: Machine setup tables (No.Series, Item Templates, Business Type setup, Business type workflow, machine setup, inventory setup, UoM for Rental, Item Categories, Counters) 

Page 3: Time Registration setup (Base Calender, Absence Reasons, Work types, job setup, user setup, resources, resource setup, work hour templates)

Page 4: Closing Page

Installation Aproda Equipement and Tools Solution

Details for the setup of ASMS

Find the detailed information for the setup of ASMS here. You will have a step-by-step instruction doing the setup fo ASMS.


Installation guide

Process case: Machine sale

Process flow chart

Process steps explained in detail

Find the process steps explained here. 

  • Quote Process
  • Convert quote to order
  • Create Purchase order and purchase receipt
  • Create preparation order
Process steps
Process cases