Aproda Document Automation. Helps your business grow.

With our App Aproda Document Automation you will receive several funticionality which supports your users in the daily business. The "Aproda Document Automation" app allows you to design and send your documents individually, as you decide which information is to be displayed on your documents and in which format. To do this, you can use different labels and formulas and at the same time you have the possibility to create individual labels and formulas.

  • Create and integrate text modules
  • Fill document texts automatically
  • Define e-mail text templates

How to install Aproda Document Automation

First Step: Set up E-Mail

In a first step you need to setup the E-Mail. Setup guide E-Mail >>

Second Step: Alpha Alpha Document Automation setup

In the next step you need to initalize the setup for the Alpha Document Automation. Setup guide Alpha Document Automation >>

Report Language Homepage


In the next step you need to make the setup for the following two areas:

Report Languages

Document Pictures List

setup for Report Languages and Document Pictures List

configuration of reports

All the essential configuration for the reports you find in the setup guide.  

setup guide for the configuration of the reports 

Report Configuration Homepage
Setup document text homepage

Setup Document-text

Document texts can be divided into the following types:

  • Pre-text
  • Post-text 
  • E-Mail-text

Find the complete setup description here >>

Setup E-Mail

The E-Mail setup defines general E-Mail options for sending Aproda Documents Automation reports via E-Mail.

Setup E-Mail 


E-mail setup homepagev2
Text Modules Homepage v2

text modules

See how you can use and create the text modules

setup text modules 

Setup Item Longtext

In addition to the Microsoft standards the Aproda Document Automation also supplies article long text. See how you can do the setup. 

setup longtext

Tourenrad Homepage
Order Dossier Homepage

Order dossier

Using the order dossier, linked documents can be viewed and opened via a quick access.

order dossier description

PRint salutation

Print salutation in adress header

You can define whether the form of address should be used in documents.

Overview print salutation in adress header

Price Reduction Code

Price discount codes are used to define line discounts for specific occasions.

Overview price reduction code

price reduction

Custom delivery to adress

With Aproda Document Automation it is possible to use a contact address in sales as the delivery to address.

custom delivery to adress

Custom Delivery adress


Aproda Document Automation provides a new field with Original Quantity for sales and purchasing, which retains the value in the field Quantity as soon as an order confirmation is printed, for example.


under overdelivery

net prices sales

You can specify in the general tab info whether a customer uses net prices. 

net prices sales 

net price sales