In 2019, the management of Max Urech AG decided to give the company a digital upgrade. This was a major project that you wouldn't entrust to just anyone. Fortunately, there was already a long-term business relationship with Aproda and so they turned to their proven partner.

Max Urech had been working successfully with Aproda's own ERP development for a long time. But now they wanted a fully integrated solution that would enable all processes to be digitised. A changeover to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, supplemented by the industry-specific solution from Aproda for machines and systems, opened up a world of new possibilities.

Everyday work at Max Urech AG has changed significantly since then.

Goals and requirements

  • Digitisation of business processes.
  • Greater agility to changing market trends to better exploit opportunities.
  • Integrated BI solution as a basis for decision-making. Use real-time analytics to identify changes and potential early.
  • Fully integrated solution that supports all collaboration.
  • Standardised ERP solution that also covers functionalities in the area of "machinery and equipment" to avoid costly additional developments and long implementation times.

Process design based on the needs at hand for building the basic framework with the implementation of the most important core processes.


Finetuning, integration tests and further optimisations.


Training of employees from different areas on the customised system.


Mapping of the special functions that cover the processes and functions from daily work in the industry solution for the machinery and equipment trade.

Departure from traditional family business model

Max Urech AG is a traditional family company and has existed since 1982. They specialise in selling and renting forklifts and products for holistic logistics solutions. Used models are offered as well as new ones.

The ERP system was used for many years and the firm was satisfied with it overall. But with a new generation taking over management of the firm, the desire arose to digitise company processes to a much greater extent. For such a major project, it was only natural to turn to long-term business partner Aproda, because there was already a tried-and-true relationship there.

The new generation of management wanted to be able to respond to market trends with even greater agility in the future in order to better exploit opportunities. Better reporting should, for example, show where changes are needed and where there is still more potential.

Another concern was to create a fully integrated solution which could support the entire collaboration. In addition, it had to be a standardised ERP solution that also covered functions in the area of “machines and systems”. Aproda has developed an extension module for this branch, which avoids costly additional developments and long implementation times.

Raphael Urech
Head of back office, ICT,
e-commerce and marketing
Max Urech AG
„Thanks to the modern ERP solution Dynamics 365 Business Central, we were able to digitise many business processes and thus respond to market trends in a more agile manner.“

The solution: switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The solution presented itself in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the changeover to the modern ERP system, which Microsoft is also continuously developing, there was access to a wealth of new possibilities. Now nothing stood in the way of digitising the various processes.

This was particularly crucial for the logistics involved in sales and servicing of the machines. The entire history of the individual devices is currently digitally documented and can be viewed at any time. Another central area was the web shop. As a result of the pandemic, this is more in demand than ever and the order volume can be handled very efficiently.

Step by step towards digitisation

Such a large project naturally takes some time. The project implementation was divided into different phases with different priorities.

It started with a process concept based on existing needs. In this way, the basic framework could then be built on and the most important core processes implemented.

In the next phase, fine-tuning and integration tests were carried out and further optimisations implemented. The employees from the different areas were trained directly on the now tailor-made system. As a result, they were able to get familiar with their new tools for their day-to-day work.

It is a good thing that Aproda had already developed an industry extension for dealers of machines and systems. Many of the special functions that cover processes and desired functions from daily work could be mapped in this extension.

More efficiency through automation

Much has changed at Max Urech AG. Today, the company benefits from significantly stronger digitisation. All processes are now managed by the system and seamlessly overlap.

For example, the entire history of a machine is recorded and automatically displayed when service work is due. The work of the service employees can thus be divided up and planned much more efficiently.

Various other administrative processes have also been automated and are taken over by the system. Rental inquiries are automated to a great degree: based on requirements for the rental device and the planned rental period, the rental offer is created and the reservation of the machine is planned automatically.

Raphael Urech
Head of back office, ICT,
e-commerce and marketing
Max Urech AG
„Our long-term partner Aproda, with its industry expertise, has shown us new ways to automate our work processes.“

On course for future success

The long-standing collaboration between Aproda and Max Urech AG created a basis of trust that was important for this major digitisation project. The project was completed for the time being with the go-live in mid-2020. Thanks to this solution, an expansion of the digitisation processes, for example with document workflow or with the integration of Office365, is possible at any time and is desired by Max Urech.


  • The long-standing business relationship was the ideal basis for a comprehensive digitisation project at Max Urech AG. The trust in the partner Aproda was already there.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivered the optimal and fully integrated solution that met the customer's wishes. This also set the course for future further developments.
  • Aproda already had an industry-specific extension for machinery and equipment, which saved costly developments and a lot of time.
Solutions deployed

The entire solution is operated on Microsoft Azure Cloud. The customer also benefits from flexible billing of the services based on a user and time-oriented calculation model (subscriptions).

  • ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Focus Industry solution for machinery and equipment
  • Reporting Integrated BI solution & real-time analyses
  • MDA Automated logistics thanks to mobile data acquisition


When Max Urech AG decided to fully digitise the company, they were very happy to turn to Aproda. The two companies already had a longstanding business relationship that laid the basis of trust required for this major project.

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the industry-specific extension for machines and systems, which Aproda developed, the business processes of Max Urech AG could be comprehensively digitised. A large number of processes that were previously carried out manually could be automated by the system. This means that they can be controlled much more efficiently. In addition, Max Urech now also benefits from the transaction data that the system provides, creating an optimised basis for decision-making.

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