ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV for plant & mechanical engineering by Aproda AG

With our industry solution for plant and mechanical engineers, we help modern plant and mechanical engineers with state-of-the-art software support to efficiently handle processes in this industry. Our solution impresses with its consistency, simplicity and, above all, the central project management, which is integrated as a central module in all relevant company areas, from the preparation of quotations to service.

Our industry solution combines process and industry know-how and relies on state-of-the-art technologies. With this solution you are in a position to automate the internal processes easily and, above all, to map the processes consistently across the organization. With standardized interfaces, your company is able to integrate a wide variety of peripheral systems.

consistent cost management

Due to the high integration of this solution, you have a continuous pre- and post-calculation in real time: Changes are tracked and logged. Get detailed insights into overall project execution, progress, changes and costs.

increased efficiency thanks to high automation

From the quotation (including sales configurator) to production and aftersales, they work in one system and have access to the same address and project data throughout and thus have all data and documents in the individual process steps.

standardized connection of peripheral systems (Industry 4.0)

Achieve more efficiency through the standardized connection of your planning (CAD, PIM, etc.) to production (BDE, machines, etc.) to aftersales (IoT), including the possibility of external access.

Versatile possibilities for your business


The functions for you at a glance

CRM / Sales / Configurator

  The sales and project planning module i...

CRM / Sales / Configurator


The sales and project planning module is characterized by its clarity, the integrated digital sales dossier and above all by the flexibility in the adaptability of the order and project calculation:

  • Customer cockpit: 360° view, including activities
  • Modular sales configurator for the preparation of quotations
  • Pre- and post-calculation from the individual part to the entire plant
  • Offer management, including concurrent project calculation and version management
  • Comparability / comparison of different costing variants
  • Creation of digital sales dossiers, including technical specification
  • Mapping of payment plans with prepayment function
  • Reusability of offer templates through update functionalities (descriptions, prices, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of tasks in the acquisition process
  • Integrated field service connection
  • Processing of domestic and export transactions, customs
  • Workflows for document approvals
  • Consistent document management
Project management

  The fully integrated project module imp...

Project management


The fully integrated project module impresses with the following functions, from the sales opportunity to the resource deployment control, from the procurement planning to the final costing:

  • Traceability of the system via assemblies down to individual parts with batch and external production for the benefit of high-quality after-sales service article tracking
  • Project cockpit with project main and subgroups as well as task connection
  • Manage deadlines and milestones
  • Planning of resources at any level of detail
  • Budgeting and management of forecasts
  • Handling of payment plans, invoices on account, work in progress (WIP) and automatic accruals
  • Control of project-oriented procurement, production and assembly orders
  • Performance recording (BDE) for working hours, material, expenses and external costs
  • Real-time cost control per project area with sales budget, target/actual comparison and cost to complete status
  • Digital and consistent project dossier
  • Extensive evaluation options
Production / Assembly

  Not only structured BOM, but also the s...

Production / Assembly


Not only structured BOM, but also the structural connection of a plant in production processing is clearly displayed. The following important functions are included in this module:

  • Clear scheduling of machines and personnel
  • Capacity: Resource management, including graphical planning board
  • Configurable variant and maximum parts lists
  • Production master data with multi-level production, assemblies and assembly
  • Order control
  • Planning: Production planning and control
  • Production processing with internal and external production
  • End-to-end change management
  • Efficient barcode setup process for assembly / production
  • Integration of weighing systems


Articles / Purchasing / Procurement

  Articles / Purchasing / Procurement...

Articles / Purchasing / Procurement


  • Articles / Purchasing / Procurement
  • Order proposal system, including cross-project procurement planning
  • Order processing including price inquiries
  • Multi-level and cumulative discount system
  • Complaints management, supplier evaluations
  • Return deliveries / credit notes
  • Workflows for document approvals
  • Document management


Warehouse / Logistics

Automated warehouses and logistics processes al...

Warehouse / Logistics

Automated warehouses and logistics processes allow efficient processes:

  • Article master data - article properties, article characteristics, contents, weight specifications
  • Overview of assemblies and components
  • Product characteristics, origin
  • Sophisticated pre- and post-calculation
  • Transport unit management with forwarding list
  • Warehouse management: Various warehouses, storage bins, storage compartments, consignment stores
  • Barcode, mobile logistics data acquisition
  • Logistics management, freight forwarding, batch management
After sales

After sales Customer contact management: 360...

After sales

After sales

  • Customer contact management: 360° including activities
  • Traceability: Which parts were installed where and when
  • Traceability down to the level of individual parts - Individual parts
  • Document management
  • Task management
  • Service deployment planning
  • Service order management and billing
  • Contract management
Finances / Wages

  A powerful financial management with a...

Finances / Wages


A powerful financial management with a continuous value flow is the core of this modern ERP solution. This includes the following modules:

  • Financial accounting & VAT
  • Payroll accounting / HR
  • Cost accounting, dimensions
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable including cash flow calculation
  • Internationality - Multilingualism
  • Consolidation
  • Asset accounting
  • Unlimited clients and currencies
  • IC: Intercompany billing


Connections Industry 4.0

  Integration of CAD and PIM systems M...

Connections Industry 4.0


  • Integration of CAD and PIM systems
  • Machine connections: Industry 4.0
  • BDE recording, including automated feedback
  • EDI standard interfaces for customers and suppliers
  • Mapping e-commerce
Calculation / Evaluations

  Our reporting tool has over 400 standar...

Calculation / Evaluations


Our reporting tool has over 400 standard reports and offers the following advantages

  • Integrated report designer
  • Account scheme
  • Report export to Excel
  • Excel transaction data export with update option (e.g. quotations)
  • Business queries directly from Excel with data updating
  • Connection to the MIS solution Microsoft PowerBI (Business Performance Dashboard)
  • Report scheduling: Report execution on event with role assignment
Martin Kast
Senior Product Manager
Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG
„The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by Aproda AG has paid off for us in every respect. Above all, the integrated product configurator has increased our dynamics and made the entire customer acquisition process more efficient. It's nice to be able to count on a trusted partner.“

How else can you benefit from our solution?

  • Ease of use is the key 
    Clear standard processes tailored to the task and projects help you and your employees to work efficiently and productively. Informational boxes and role-based clients guarantee a clear user interface.
  • Central address master with 360° view of your customers and your projects
    In tune with the customer. You work with a central profile and have a 360° view of your customers, prospective customers and partners at your fingertips.
  • Consistent processes with workflow and integrated DMS
    The integrated workflow and the consistent digital project dossier (DMS) shorten your processes and simplify your search. End-to-end change management provides you with clarity and helps your team to work together optimally
  • Efficient Sales & ID
    Fully interlock your technical specifications with your commercial sales offer: You are supported by an integrated product configurator. These technical capabilities increase the performance of your sales team and reduce potential sources of error.
  • Interfaces (API) / Industry 4.0
    State-of-the-art technologies enable the transformation into digitalization and ensure the connection of barcode, machines, IoT and your customers.​
  • Pinpoint analysis
    Dashboards sharpen your focus on the essentials - data at the touch of a button forms the basis for your controlling and serves as a decision-making aid for maximum budget and cost transparency

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